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We invest in your projects.

Our Mission is to support and collaborate with trend-setting companies in today’s economy taking into account the new required level of products and services the customers area asking for.

We accomplish our aims thought a series of growth capital investments and strategic co-operations that will achieve maximum impact on the target market, while creating financial prosperity for our portfolio companies and shareholders.

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“MI CASA MI VIDA” Project, financed in Brasil on behalf of ROHAG FUND
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“Rio Forte Fund Public Offer” for RIO FORTE FUND
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“WHI Wood House Industry”, Example of Project
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Branch managed directly by Capital Growth Fund LLC and/or through the agent companies and / or designated and authorized financial intermediaries.

Capital Growth Fund  proceeds to the issuance of bank guarantees for its customers to ensure finalize obligations and these obligations assumed with regard to suppliers and / or contractual partners and / or banks, in carrying out its activities.

The guarantees issued are summarized as follows:

  • guarantees for contracts;
  • guarantees against advanced payments;
  • payment guarantees;
  • demand guarantees;
  • guarantees of contractual performance (performance bond);
  • guarantees of fulfillment of the contract for rental risk;
  • guarantees for purchase of goods;
  • Trade letters of credit;
  • financial letters of credit;
  • guarantees for customs clearance;
  • guarantees for liabilities by donation;
  • guarantees for bankruptcy and ordinary revocation;
  • court deposits (Agreed estimates and not, assumptions of bankruptcy proceedings);

In particular in the guarantee of private and / or commercial leases.

The main activities are related to the following list:

  • Legal counseling specialized;
  • Trust service (if this is applicable and permitted by law) – Brazil, Morocco;
  • Financial Consulting / Banking – Italy, Brazil;
  • Advice and assistance in the field of Insolvency / Bankruptcy – Italy;
  • Administrative / Commercial service;
  • Financial and asset management
  • Business internationalization programs;
  • Market penetration and logistics programs;
  • Find on the market of orders and public and / or private contracts;
  • The best business planning, tax, financial and logistics.


Investment Criteria:

We invest in companies that have a proven concept requiring capital and support to reach a sustainable level of national/international growth and scalability.

Are you ready for Capital Growth?
Our ideal candidates are ambitious founders developing products and services for a large and interesting market. The entrepreneurs should be uniquely positioned to be a distinctive consumers in today’s marketplace.

Flexibility: CGFund owns minority or majority positions in our portfolio companies.

Investment criteria: CGFund takes on a board seat with each of our investments, and develops a partnership in strategic oversight.

Security Types: as a strategic partner to our portfolio companies, CGFund seeks to reatin preferred equity.

Company size

The company we are going to invest in should be planned to have:

  • 3M$ to 50 M$ of revenues / year
  • 1M$ to 10 M$ of equity investment in services and retail network
  • 5M$ to 20 M$ of equity for real estate investments
  • Specific other projcets will be evaluated by the board according to specific due diligence actions
Investment Area

CGFUND will evaluate proposals in the following sectors:

  • Real Estate Commercial Area
  • Industry/Fashion/Arts&Crafts production and distribution chain
  • Tourism and related Services
  • Innovation Start up
we look for
  • Innovative Products and Services in mature business areas
  • Social Impacts
  • First-to-market Concepts
  • Ethical and Sustainable Standards
  • Consumer Convenience


Please, for any contact, send an email to: info@cgfund.cloud or fill the following form. Send us your business idea and you will be contacted within 48 h.
All the information Capital Growth Fund LLC will receive, will be classified as confidential.

Share Capital: $ 198.000.000,00
Registration number: 2016-000717977,
Registered Office: 7302 Yellowstone Road, Cheyenne, Wyoming USA

SPAIN: Fincapital LLC  Rambla de Catalunya 105, 08008 Barcellona
Tel.: 0034 930130237
Email: info@cgfund.cloud, info@giborfund.com
Legal Office: legale@cgfund.cloud
Technical Questions: mgianferotti@cgfund.cloud, mcampanai@cgfund.cloud